Childrens Outdoor Play

Artist's Proof, signed art print.'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors

Artist's Proof, signed art print.'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors
Artist's Proof, signed art print.'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors
Artist's Proof, signed art print.'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors

Artist's Proof, signed art print.'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors    Artist's Proof, signed art print.'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors

In time for Christmas - snowy winter scenery, children playing, family gatherings, soothing landscapes from a well-known Canadian artist and so we present this fine art print on paper. Total size: 13 x 19 inches.

Image size: 11 x 14.5 inches. This is an ARTISTS PROOF. It is HAND-SIGNED by the artist.

He very rarely signs prints anymore, so these listings will be the very last ever. There are only one or two of these Proofs, no more so a limited edition of 1 or 2 copies. Bill Brownridge artwork has been commissioned by a number of international brand name companies, using his painted images on their products Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzles, Hallmark Cards: UNICEF edition, Rogers Chocolates, and on the 2020 Pine Ridge Art Calendars.

More biography and credentials below. William Roy Bill Brownridge has been a professional artist for six decades. His paintings and prints have been, and still are, on exhibition in museums and art galleries, corporate lobbies, private offices, the homes of super-star athletes, and in humble households across Canada, the U.

We, Bill's family, have decided to clean up some of Bills storage: some of his older paper prints, as well as some of his newer works on paper, and a couple of unique vintage items which we will be offering here. Brownridge Art / Heart of Hockey are the only official producers of fine art prints from known Canadian artist William Roy Bill Brownridge.

As I said, this site, and its affiliates Heart of Hockey and Brownridge Art, are the only official printers of artwork by Bill Brownridge. If you encounter others printing Brownridge artwork, that is criminal.

The odd old Brownridge print for sale is one thing, no problem. But when someone is offering multitudes of the same image, that is deeply suspicious, and likely illegal. My name is David Brownridge, manager of this site, Sales and Marketing Director for Brownridge Art & Heart of Hockey, and the son of artist Bill Brownridge of Victoria, BC, Canada.

Along with my sister Beth, owner of Heart of Hockey, these are the only official entities involved the printing, sales, and distribution of Brownridge artworks: originals and print art. I hope this reputation speaks to my trust and integrity and therefore, despite little feedback on THIS new site, I promise you integrity, trust, and service. His past exhibitions and shows number well into double digits and have included such venues as The Glenbow Museum in Calgary and The National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, the U. Olympic Centre in Colorado, and Torontos Hockey Hall of Fame.

Some works remain in these venues. Hes been on the front page of the national media, hes been featured on CBC TV and Radio.

In 1993 Brownridge designed new uniforms for the NHLs Calgary Flames Hockey Team. In 1995, he wrote and illustrated his first childrens book'The Moccasin Goalie' - a national bestseller. In November 2019 his latest childrens book was released A Prairie Boy, his sixth book, and it can be found online and in books stores. William Roy Brownridge grew up on the Canadian prairies during the Depression.

Expert doctors in the big city set about to fix things, but they didnt help much. In fact, they botched it, and to fix that, they had to cut Bill's leg off. With no legal recourse for folks back then, the family of seven pushed on. Eventually Bill made it from the Saskatchewan prairies to the big city, and a big college the Alberta College of Art. On his crutches, one pant leg turned up, and with meager funding, Bill went on to graduate.

He later went on to become a renowned painter, printer, sculptor, and writer / illustrator. Bill spent most of his career in Calgary but in the past decade he moved to Vancouver Island. He has five children and some grandkids and still paints almost daily. My painting technique is pointillism.

(And) I relishfat paint and now more than ever, love to use its texture and encrustment. Bright colour is an important element in the painting and working with the full chromatic scales is a real passion. Perhaps because I could never run or skate, my work is often filled with action.

Spontaneity is also important in my approach to painting, I work directly, and I usually finish a piece in three or four sessions. The meticulous is not for me. I want to project my feeling for the subject matter. I want to reach out and touch the viewer and share the human joy of being alive.

In the search for a distinctive voice, every serious artist must find themes that are powerful enough to keep driving them forward. In aworld preoccupied with the sensational, the bizarre and the vulgar, I find great enjoyment watching children at play. Their laughter, enthusiasm and naivete are a source of endless fascination, especially when the setting is a hauntingly beautiful prairie or foothills landscape. These are the things I most love and respect in life. Looking back, hockey was far more than just fun, although that, in itself, was of great importance. But moreover, the rink was where we had a crash course in behaviour and socialization. Not just in theory but in reality. In an afternoon scrimmage we might encounter bullying, cheating, embarrassment, even a bruise or a scrape. Equally we saw other qualities courage, determination, patience, and discipline. Most important in my mind, a good team player had to demonstrate selflessness. Here in each session of'play', without elaborate organization, without equipment or parental guidance, was life in a microcosm. The reason the good things always overcame and controlled the bad was because of the Game. The item "Artist's Proof, signed art print.

'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors" is in sale since Tuesday, November 26, 2019. This item is in the category "Art\Fine Art Prints". The seller is "brownridge_art" and is located in Victoria. This item can be shipped to Canada, all countries in Europe, all countries in continental Asia, United States, Australia.

  1. Size: Medium (up to 36in.

  2. Artist: William Roy Brownridge
  3. Style: Impressionist
  4. Listed By: Artist
  5. Date of Creation: 2000-Now
  6. Features: Signed
  7. Width (Inches): 14.5
  8. Color: Yellow orange white
  9. Subject: Children at play
  10. Originality: Limited Edition Print
  11. Height (Inches): 11

Artist's Proof, signed art print.'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors    Artist's Proof, signed art print.'Joy of Scoring' children playing outdoors